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A New Thing. New Rhythms. New Classes. New Students! God is doing a New Thing (Isaiah 43:19). And not only here at CPSOM, but in the broader church body. Here in the Temecula Valley and across the nation and even throughout the world. Many have called this new year the year of “vision”. But not our vision, God’s vision.

Here at Centerpoint School of Ministry we have been training our ears to hear God more clearly. Sharpening our eyes to see Him and His vision. Grounding our hearts in connection to His. And renewing our minds in order to remain focused solely on Him. As we return for our Third Quarter we are seeking God’s vision for our personal lives and for the ministry dreams and goals He has given us. This quarter is about honing in on those dreams and goals. Beginning the process of making them a reality. This quarter the CPSOM tribe will work toward strengthening our foundation in the Word, connecting with the characteristics and history of church revival, immersing ourselves in the wonder of worship, and developing practical skills to build the frame of a ministry.

Follow along with us as we take this journey. Pray with us for more of His goodness to overflow. And check back in to see how God is moving at CPSOM.

God is doing a new thing. What does that look like for you? How can you capture His vision for this new year in your life? Let us pray for you! Join our tribe and we will reach out. Happy New Year!

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